host family letter

host family letter

Beitragvon Sarale » 30. Sep 2012, 21:50

Ich hab diesen Thread jetzt einfach mal unter "Gastfamilien" eröffnet, ich weiß nicht , wo ich´s genau hinstecken soll;D

Bestimmt gibt es auch noch ein paar andere außer mir, die sich bei ihre Host family letter nicht so ganz sicher sind, oder ihn einfach noch von jemand anderem korrigieren lassen wollen:)
Ich fang einfach mal an!

Mein Englisch ist leider nicht das Beste und ich bin ziemlich gut darin unverständliche Mördersätze zu bauen :D
Außerdem will ich irgendwie noch mehr zum Ausdruck bringen, dass ich wirklich eine Familie möchte, die mich nicht ausschließlich als Arbeitskraft sieht...
Vielleicht hat ja jemand ein paar Tipps meinen letter besser zu gestalten, ich würde mich jedenfalls freuen!

achja: Wie lang war oder ist denn euer Brief? ich hab das Gefühl, dass ich viel zu viel geschrieben hab :D

Dear host family,

first of all I would like to thank you for taking time to read my letter!

My name is Sara Leuckefeld and I will be 18 years old in february 2013. I live with my mother XXXXX and my sister XXXX, who´s 13 years old, in a beautiful little village called XXXX, near to Hanover in the middle of Germany. In june 2013 I will pass my 'Abitur', the general qualification for university entrance.
Unfortunately I have no contact to my father, my little half brother and his new wife anymore, because my parents are divorced since I´m six years old and he broke up the connection.
Together with our two cats called 'Feli' & 'Paulchen' and our crazy little dog 'Milly' we are living in a big and nicely done up flat with a commodious yard. So if you have some pets too, it wouldn´t be a problem for me!
Because my mother must begin to work early in the morning until the afternoon, my sister and I help her as much as we can in doing the household, so I have learned to be very self-reliant, no matter which regard. But nevertheless we are a happy, little family, who does the best spending most time together, what is often connected with a lot of fun.
For sure they also support me to become an au pair and are very happy for me, that I can take the chance getting such awesome experiences. Sometimes it seems like they are even a little bit jealous of me ;-)

But now I want to tell you more about my childcare experiences, the most important part of my letter.
I´m a very open-hearted and good-humored person, that are maybe the main reasons why I gravitate towards children. So when I played with the ,at that time 7 years old son of my mothers friends, called XXXX, (SATZBAU ?!) at the park, his parents noticed how much fun we had together and how lovely I looked after him. Soon we have talked about particulars and during his parents have worked or were ulterior busy I have cared for Fabian round about one hour a week and sometimes also at weekends. Mainly we played with his toys, went outside to the playground or tinkered something. But I also accepted responsibilitys like cooking dinner for him or putting him to bed. Now I already know him since 3 years and I´m still enjoying his parents trust in me by looking after him at weekends or helping him to do his homework.

Also since two years mostly two times peer week I take care of XXXX, a 3 years old boy . By preparing his meal, changing a lot of nappies, playing with him and his building bricks or visiting some village celebrations (was sollen village celebrations sein? :D ) when his parents aren´t at home, I collect some more experiences. Because of XXXX´s stubborn character I practiced to handle difficult situations but still in combination with having fun and making kids laugh.

By taking over the managment of the youth work at the associaton called 'Musikzug XXXX', where me and my family playing music, I´m getting experiences with older kids in the age of 5-13 years as well. My part there is teaching amateurs in reading music, listening to problems of the children and help them to find a fitting solution during our weekly time of exercising . Additionaly I´m also responsible to help by planning excursions e.g. to public swimming pools, the zoo or just activities for our yearly exercise weekend and to look after the kids meantime (was willst du damit sagen?, versteh ich nicht:D ) . Accordingly the children look upon me as a older sister and trust in me because of my easy-going and dedicated type.
In conclusion, as I already told you at the beginning, my sister and me were often alone during the day, so I had the task to care for XXX, which isn´t always easy.XXX has an illness called 'ADHS', so she is very hyperactive, stubborn and short-tempered. Now I have the advantage dealing with such kids isn´t a problem for me anymore. (das ergibt so irgendwie wenig sinn, da muss nach adavantage noch ein that oder so hin )

Last but not least I tell you a little bit about me and my personality :-)

On the one hand I´m a very friendly and polite young woman, who loves to laugh, is always enterprising and in a good temper. Having fun is really important to me, so I´m trying to turn every situation into the best. But on the other hand I´m such a responsible, uncomplicated and trustful person who broadcast much calmness and patience. Additionally I haven't a problem to accommodate myself on foreign situations, so don´t be afraid of choosing me! :-)

Currently I´m working as a waitress at a Café, so I have learned being always polite and to work very hard under pressure.

In my freetime I love spending time with horses since I´m six years old and I have many professional experiences, especially in riding dressage. Staying active is also very imprtant to me, so I´m trying to do many sporty activities.
Additionally my whole family is very musical, therefore I´m a very good transverse-flutist, who knows a lot about basic knowledge in music. (klingt auch etwas seltsam so.)
But for sure, I also like relaxing, if I need a break of my busy and sometimes stressful days. Then I love listening to music, drawing or reading a book.

Why I want to be an au pair? And why calculated in the USA?
That question is easy to answer. Flying in the United States is one of my biggest dreams, because I love exploring other countries with their different cultures. The USA just looked so interesting to me with their variety. Also having children around me makes me happy, so I decided, that it is the best chance connecting this two things. Furthermore I have the aim to improve my english-skills for studying mediendesign at a dual study course.

All in all i can sum up that I´m very excited to make this great experience by living a year abroad and would be reallly glad if you give me the chance to be a part of your family!
I am looking forward to be your Au Pair, spending a wonderful time with you and I would be happy about your call!
I hope seeing you soon!

Love, Sara
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Re: host family letter

Beitragvon Nyro » 30. Sep 2012, 21:58

uff ... also ich hatte das Problem auch. Aber mein letter war nicht so lang und auch nicht so detailiert xD

Und ich hab das gefühl im Englischen totale Mist geschrieben zu haben.

Ich les ihn mir morgen durch und sag dir dann was ich davon halte ja?
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Re: host family letter

Beitragvon Sarale » 30. Sep 2012, 22:09

alles klar, danke schonmal :)!
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